Technical Management

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents are our strength in our adeptness offering a full portfolio of third-party technical ship management services.

We monitor the vessels' performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency.

Further, ship placed under our care are inspected at regular intervals to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel.

Our technical staffs respond to an emergency on 24 x 7 basis available to resolve critical situations and limit vessel downtime.

Long-lasting relationships with selected shipyards around the world guarantee well-organized and cost-effective repairs and dry-dockings.

Regular dialogue with Classification Societies and Maritime Administrations ensures efficient ship administration.

Crew Management

We fully understand the need for best efforts to support and sustain the vessels-operation with competent Officers and Crew.

A Highly flexible, motivated and dedicated crew can perform the demanding tasks shipping environment and are the key to success in today's highly technological and precise work.

We boast of having a strong crewing source from India as well as other regions allowing us to have a dedicated set of seafarers. We nurture our crew and their relations as part of our family and make special efforts to fulfil their requirements. We pride in claiming a high retention rate among our officers and crew.

We have an experienced team managing varied tonnage from VLCC/FPSO/ all types of tankers/Dry Cargo & multi-varied offshore vessels dealing with international ship owning and ship management companies.

Have an extensive crew database of experienced crew with vast experience serving on LNG,LPG, Chemical, Product, Oil, and Dry Cargo Vessels.

Our Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 9001 - 2008 DNV standards and MLC compliant.

Our Services are flexible, tailor made, competitive and bespoke; be it Crew Management or Crew supply, offering solutions at a very competitive rate. Our selection processes are an on-going endeavour to meet new and specific needs of the clients.

We have ready access to a pool of Sri Lankan, East European, Indonesian, Burmese, Filipinos, West Africans and Indian Officers & ratings in our data bank.

Contract & Payroll


Aurus, has been servicing many of its clients including the Oil & Gas sector, acting as contract manager. Further, for many of its clients, international and domestic, handling their allotments for which they maintain individual client account for transparency sake. It also handles as part of its contract servicing as contractors/principals/agents and handle their payroll and esp. when the vessels are in India, the taxation services as per the Indian revenue act for Indians as well as expats. The taxation issued in India are quite complicated and violations have serious consequences.

Aurus does payroll and taxation management services for many of its principals whos vessels are under various oil major Charters.

Payroll Management

Sustainable Development

(Green Recycling)

  • Ground presence in local SRFs.
  • Strong technical team conversant with the hands-on experience working as per new regulations.
  • Qualified team having knowledge of relevant IMO guidelines and requirements applicable to ship recycling in line with all relevant National and Regional Laws and Regulations.
  • Work on a holistic project-cost basis
  • Dedicated team assigned to individual projects.
  • Development of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for Shipyards (for new builds) and Ship Owners (existing ships).
  • Consultancy service for Ship Recycling Facilities (SRF) to achieve Statement of Compliance for HKC & EUSRR regulations..
  • Preparation of SRFP & SRP.
  • Posting of site supervision or Compliance Monitoring Team (CMT) during ship dismantling
  • Trainings modules for teams of SRF& ship owners.
  • 3rd party audits


As a representative office of the principals in India and due to its networking connection, it offers, procurement of spares and supply services for vessels operating in India and any part of the world depending on the availability of the materials. In India, any supply to the vessel requires port and customs clearance, which are also handled by it under its scope of services.

We are cost & time effective, transparent, and quality assured service providers.