Aurus Ship Management has been established in the year 2016 to focus on Ship Management, Crew Management, Consultancy and Technical Services for Ship-Owners and third parties around the world.

We are headquartered in India, with offices in 5 locations including representative office in, Jakarta, Dubai and Singapore.

With core business activity in technical and crew management, our main goal is to become a leader in ship management by investing in people, learning continuously, using our best effort to achieve friendly & efficient management ashore.

The management team at Aurus has been working closely together for many years and has the experience, competence, commitment, focus and enthusiasm to deliver excellent management services to clients’ businesses.

Working in partnership with our clients we welcome ship owners seeking technical expertise and or just competent and reliable crew supply and management. Whatever your requirements Aurus Ship Management can provide you with a dedicated and focused management service ensuring your vessels operate safely and profitably.

Our commitment is to become our clients' trusted associates in delivering reliable and professional management services.

The Company has a strong and very experienced management team overseeing the focused delivery of management services including the recruitment and sourcing of crew, purchasing, accounting, payroll management, technical services including audits and surveys. In addition it has a strong Accounts and finance team capable of delivering detailed financial reporting in line with each client's requirements.

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Prakash M Agarwal